Our Story

Where it all Started

Since he was a young boy, Nick Serfontein dreamed of becoming a farmer. In 1983, he took a leap of faith and purchased a small piece of land and his first herd of 30 commercial Bonsmara heifers. His passion, determination and hard work have turned his farm into a thriving business, and he is now one of the leading Bonsmara farmers in South Africa.

Nick’s firsthand experiences with the agricultural industry showed him that there was a need for better solutions. He was inspired to create a holistic farming approach that would help other small-scale farmers to achieve profitability in South Africa. The result of Nick’s vision is the Sernick Group – a diversified agricultural company that owns assets along the entire value chain.

Even though Nick had already achieved a lot, he wasn’t content yet. His dream had turned into a calling to not only achieve great things in farming, but to help others do the same. Nick realised that he needed to have a separate company to deal with farmer development programmes, value chain development, and community development. This initiative has led to the creation of SerDev, a development implementation company that was launched in 2021 as a separate company within the Sernick group. The goal of this company is to coach developing farmers and help them achieve profitable farming.

Inspired by the results achieved by SerDev, the Sernick Group  have teamed up to create Sustainable Agri NPC, a non-profit company dedicated to further supporting farmers and rural development. This initiative was created in response to the need for funding from corporates, donors, and other philanthropic organisations. SerDev and Temong, the Sernick Group’s BEE Strategic Partners, will be implementing the agricultural development programs funded by Sustainable Agri NPC.

What we do

The Sustainable Agri NPC is committed to supporting new farmers in the agricultural sector in South Africa and, eventually, across the African continent. We provide funding and resources to help inexperienced or under-resourced farmers to develop and grow their businesses. Our goal is to create a sustainable agriculture industry that benefits everyone.

The 10% ownership in Temong will help provide study bursaries for the trust members’ children in the future, giving them the opportunity to get a good education. This will benefit the trusts, farmers, and workers, as they will all have access to skilled and educated employees. The trusts in question are the Farmers Development Trust as well as the Sernick Workers Trust.

Engaging with communities

Engaging with specific communities to develop their red meat industry and structure a local value chain.

Sponsoring interns

Sponsoring interns for practical experience on farms in order to comply with their training specifications for a National Diploma or Degree.

Sponsoring graduate

Sponsoring graduate placements to gain a year’s work experience at Sernick or developing farmers’ farms

Grant funding

Grant funding for specific farmer development programmes such as the Sernick Empowerment Programme Phase 2 in the Free State. In this event, SerDev or Temong will be contracted by SA NPC to implement the specific programmes according to the agreements and milestones as set out by the sponsors.

Farmer development

Farmer development as per the Sernick Model.

Training and Empowerment

Training and empowerment programmes, which include technical, business management and leadership skills.

Presenting business readiness courses

Presenting business readiness courses (Via Agripreneurship in Switzerland) for all levels of farmers.

Leadership courses

Leadership courses for black middle and top management via Think Fusion.

Debt Financing

Debt Financing for custom feeding by the Sernick Group, which will enable Sernick to generate grant funding for development projects. This could be developed into a specific fund which will be implemented by the Sernick Group in conjunction with the debt financier.